Injuries from construction accidents may occur when the entity controlling the construction site fails to use proper procedures and methods. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) governs construction worksite safety. They enforce worksite safety rules codified at 29 CFR 1910 that set standards for the industry when construction work is performed. These regulations include standards for proper guarding of worksites, lockout/tagout procedures, personal safety equipment, warnings and labels for dangerous materials, crane safety techniques, identifying hazards on the job, load rigging and signaling, improper personnel having access to the construction sites, barricading the construction site, failure to properly inspect the construction site prior to work being performed and failure to hold construction worksite safety meetings.

However, contractors at a worksite have duties to provide safe work practices that go above and beyond OSHA regulations.

Contractors must be certain to prevent any hazards to workers at the site, including fall hazards, exposure to toxic substances around or near the worksite such as asbestos, silica, or hazardous fumes, fires and explosions from nearby substances, excavation hazards, rigging equipment, ladders, aerial lifts, overhead and underground lines, the handling of dangerous materials, warnings of other material/substances unknown, scaffolds, hoses, cranes, trenches, floor holes, safety nets, guardrails, stairways, chemical exposure, forklifts, and failure to provide personal protective equipment.

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