Economic Injustice Drains the American Economy of Billions of Dollars Every Year.

The Schwaba Law Firm was founded after its owner gained a recovery for steelworker retirees that had their health insurance reduced in violation of federal law, recovering a settlement in excess of $175 million dollars. He then turned his attention to the credit counseling industry, where he closed a business that preyed on those in debt and worked with the Texas Attorney General’s office to secure a judgment of over $36 million dollars. He has also secured significant individual recoveries for common people who were victims of insurance bad faith, auto repair fraud and other deceptive business practices.

Insurance benefits that are wrongly denied, unpermitted charges to consumers and other deceptive business practices cost regular people their hard earned income.

If you have been the victim of consumer fraud or other economic injustice, contact the Schwaba Law Firm to see if you can recover.