Toxic exposures create long term dangers to workers that are often not recognized until long after the worker was surrounded by the toxin. Exposure to a variety of hazardous materials including asbestos, silica, arsenic, iron, lead, radioactive materials, nuclear radiation and other materials cause cancer and other diseases that threaten a worker’s health in ways that destroys careers, families and lives.

Workers exposed to these toxic substances have worker’s compensation claims that can lead to significant recoveries.

Furthermore, toxic exposures during employment are often caused by defective products that may lead to a recovery from the manufacturer of the defective product, installers of the product, and any entity responsible for maintaining the product.

At the Schwaba Law Firm, we have assisted people with all kinds of toxic exposure claims including asbestos, diesel exhaust and benzene among many others. If you have been exposed to toxic substances at your employment and are experiencing health repercussions, contact the Schwaba Law Firm for a free consultation.