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We recognize that clients reach out to us when they are in need.

Our Charlotte personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping people who have been hurt in all kinds of accidents throughout North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

When losses occur, whether they are the loss of a loved one, an injury or other financial loss, a variety of issues arise. Those issues may include the pain and suffering from the injury, lost wages or financial losses that put homes, cars, jobs, and health in jeopardy.

RECOVER: to get back something lost or taken away

At The Schwaba Law Firm, we listen to the needs of each client and work with clients to ease the stresses that arise in each unique situation. We work to help you recover financially, but we strive to go above and beyond financial compensation. By working to get back those other things that have been lost or taken away, we seek to help clients repair their emotions, their lives and their peace of mind.

Visit our practice area pages and the biography pages for more information on how we put these principles into our practice. If you have been seriously injured, let The Schwaba Law Firm demonstrate our commitment to help you RECOVER.

We have several locations throughout the country. If you don’t see you home area listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide service to many locations throughout the US.