Schwaba Law Firm is investigating and filing claims related to unsafe and/or hazardous Nylon Web Slings and Synthetic Web Slings. Quite often, these slings are used to fasten and lift loads with cranes. However, faulty manufactured or incorrect instructions on how to use the nylon web slings, synthetic web slings can result in the slings failing and potentially hurting or killing the user.

Manufacturers of Nylon Web Slings and Synthetic Web Slings, also commonly called straps, ties, tie-downs, wire rope and bungee cords, include Lift-All, Lift-It, Mazzella, Stren-Flex, and Certex to name a few. The industries they specialize in include trucking, transport, mining, aerospace, and construction.

These ropes and slings can be made with many different materials aside from synthetic nylon, including wire mesh and wire. The main issue with these web crane slings is that there are very few specifics on how to use these slings or what situations they are applicable to. Companies use general literature when providing warnings for the slings in order to market them for different unspecified uses. Problems with the slings include defective manufacture, defective design, and defective warnings, causing the slings to tear, cut and fail.

There have been many cases of these web crane slings snapped due to faulty manufacturing. Even when using an abrasion pad or wear protector, the sling still could potentially fail. When the slings fail, cranes can drop loads that weigh thousands of pounds. These loads can cause catastrophic damage to anyone around the sight of the drop, in many instances killing them.

The Schwaba Law Firm can assist claimants who have been injured by the many different types of web or crane slings. If you have further questions as to whether your nylon web sling, wire rope or wire mesh is defective, you may call the Schwaba Law Firm. The claims may include claims for negligence, breach of express warranty of merchantability, breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, among others.

There is no cost to you in contacting or discussing your claim with the Schwaba Law Firm. In the event you decide to retain Schwaba Law Firm as your counsel, the firm will only be paid in the event they are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf. In no event will you be asked to pay anything out-of-pocket. If you have concerns regarding an incident with web slings, contact the Schwaba Law Firm at the numbers above.