Mistakes happen in the consumer goods market, that is no longer a surprise. But if the mistake that happened cost damage to someone, it is a different conversation. If you or a loved one is a victim of a defective product, immediately call a products liability attorney.

There are federal and state laws regarding product liability, and these laws hold the manufacturer, distributor, designer, and seller liable for the defective product. If you or are loved one has suffered illnesses or injuries because of a certain product that may be defective or has a wrong label, or has no warning label, Schwaba Law Firm is here to help you.

Our products liability attorney in Davidson NC can help you with your case. We will handle the legal matters for you from the beginning to the end.

Types of Product Defects

Here are the types of product defects that we can build your case upon:

  • Manufacturing defects: this is when a product became defective because of the manufacturing or the assembly. The event that made the product a danger to you occurred during the manufacturing.
  • Design defects: this is when a product’s design caused danger or made it defective.
  • Marketing defects: this is when a product was not labeled properly or does not contain a warning that is needed.

Who is Liable for a Product Defect?

The people liable for a product defect are usually the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or sellers. An investigation will be made whether some or all of them are liable for the product with defects.

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