Green Bay, WI Products Liability Attorney

Green Bay, WI Products Liability Attorney

Defective products are a serious problem in the United States. Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed by products that do not meet safety standards. If a defective product has harmed you or a loved one, it is crucial to seek legal help immediately.

The experienced attorneys at Schwaba Law Firm have been helping victims of dangerous products for many years, and we have an excellent track record of winning cases. We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can discuss your case and begin taking action. Thank you for considering our firm.

What is a product liability attorney, and what do they do?

The most common cause of product liability claims is faulty manufacturing. This can include errors in the product’s design, the materials used, or problems with the assembly process. These defects can often lead to serious injuries or even death. As a result, manufacturers are legally responsible for producing safe products and warning consumers about potential risks. For example, if a manufacturer fails to do so, they may be held liable for any resulting injuries. Other less common causes of product liability claims include false advertising and inadequate packaging.

When most people think of liability, they think of someone being held responsible for their actions. However, liability can also refer to a defective or dangerous product in the legal world. The victims may be entitled to compensation if a company sells a product that causes injuries. This is where a product liability attorney comes in.

The Schwaba Law Firm specializes in representing people who defective products have injured. They will investigate the case, gather evidence, and determine who is at fault. If the case goes to court, the attorney will represent the client and fight for the best possible outcome. Sometimes, this may mean negotiating a settlement with the other side. In other cases, it may mean taking the case all the way to trial. No matter what, a product liability attorney will fight for their client to get the justice they deserve.

Why would you need a product liability attorney in Green Bay, WI?

If a defective product has injured you, you may wonder if you need a product liability attorney in Green Bay, WI. The answer to this question depends on the specific circumstances of your case. For example, if the company that manufactured the product is located in Wisconsin, it may be helpful to have an attorney familiar with the state’s laws. Additionally, if the injury was severe and resulted in extensive medical bills or lost wages, consider hiring an attorney to help you recover damages.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a product liability attorney, it is always best to consult with the Schwaba Law Firm for a free consultation. This way, you can learn more about your legal rights and options and make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a claim.

How much does working with a product liability attorney in Green Bay, WI cost?

Product liability attorneys in Green Bay work on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay any upfront fees. You don’t owe anything if the attorney does not win your case.

In short, hiring a product liability attorney in Green Bay, WI, costs nothing to handle your claim. The worst that can happen is that you owe nothing if your case is unsuccessful. And if your case is successful, the attorney’s fee will be a small percentage of your recovery.


It would help if you had a product liability attorney who understands the law and has experience with similar cases. An experienced product liability attorney will work with you to build a strong case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Product liability cases can be complex, so you must find an experienced attorney you can trust. The professionals at the Schwaba Law Firm have handled these types of cases over the last ten years.

Please get in touch with them today to schedule a free consultation.