Recent Results

$2.75 Million – Class Action Settlement for Consumer Against Experian

$600,000 – Trucking case Involving Tractor-Trailer Collision Causing Traumatic Brain Injury

$325,000 – Premises Liability Claim Against Ski Resort

$225,000 – Premises Liability Claim Against Big Box Retailer

$650,000 – Civil Rights Action Against Town Police Department

$225,000 – Trucking Case Involving Box Truck Collision Causing Fractured Femur and Ribs

$200,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Improper Left Turn Resulting in Fractured Lower Leg

$350,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Driver Falling Asleep

Confidential – Settlement Involving Death of Electrocution From Exposure to Downed Power Line

$150,000 – Claim Involving Burn Injury After Use of Defective Gas Grill

$150,000 – Construction Defect Claim Causing Cut Injury While Installing Sheet of Glass