Motorcycle Accidents

Under the law, motorcycles are considered vehicles and should be given the same respect of other motor vehicles on the road. However, cars have an added responsibility to make every effort to avoid a collision with a motorcycle, since a motorcyclist is more likely to be injured or killed in a collision. Specifically, motorists have an added burden when they pass a motorcycle on the roadway- they must yield to motorcyclists and pedestrians at driveways and alleys, and must not follow too closely.

Motorcycles are subject to the most harm when motorists fail to see motorcycles on the road.

Even if motorcyclists properly come to a stop, they may be subject to injury due to flipping off the bike, laying the bike down on the road, or a secondary impact. Therefore, it is especially important that drivers of vehicles exercise appropriate lookout at all times, even when motorcyclists are not readily apparent to them.

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