Huntersville NC Personal Injury Attorney

Huntersville NC Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury matter, do not hesitate to consult a personal injury attorney. For cases like this, time is ticking. You need to immediately talk to a lawyer and help you with your case because if it’s too late, you might never get any claims for the damages that the injury has caused.


No one wants to be in an accident; it can change your life drastically in a split second. At Schwaba Law, we are with you in this battle. We want you to focus on recovering, and we will handle the legal matters for you. We will help you build your case so you can have the claims that you will spend on your medical bills, medicine, recovery, and damaged property. 


A personalized approach

Our approach here in Schwaba Law in personal injury cases is focusing on our client– we focus on you to help you on your way to recovery. We are here to assist you from beginning to end. Throughout the years in dealing with personal injury cases, our personal injury attorney has dealt with various cases, including car accidents, truck incidents, slip-and-fall injuries, and other accidents. Andrew Schwaba has seen it all. Thus, he is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Huntersville NC. 


Our personal injury attorney knows how to negotiate a settlement without even taking it to court. However, if the case needs to go to court for better results, he will represent you in court. 


Work with us, and you will get a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. 


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