Charlotte Truck Accident Lawyer

Charlotte Truck Accident Lawyer

Involved in a truck accident? Cases that are involved with trucks and tractors are complicated; hence, they require experienced truck accident lawyers. Andrew Schwaba is a truck accident lawyer and has helped clients with claims regarding truck accidents.

If you are involved in a truck accident, the first thing you should remember is that you document everything as much as possible. You can observe, take photos, or ask for the contact of eyewitnesses. If someone is injured, immediately call 911.

With every accident, including big rigs, you should know that laws are involved. That is why you need to call a lawyer immediately when accidents happen, but not just any lawyer. In complicated cases like truck accidents, you need a truck accident attorney with knowledge and experience.

It is best to have a lawyer who understands the laws involved, the reason for the truck accident, and the relationship between the entities involved which are the truck, the driver, and the load. All these factors will help to determine whether you are entitled to a personal injury claim because of the truck accident.

Truck accidents are different from the usual car collisions; hence they are more complex to handle.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

To understand further, it is good to know what are the common cause of car accidents. The most usual reasons are fatigue, driver’s error, equipment issues, or drug use. Many things can go wrong in a truck-tractor operation, which is why there are many accidents involving them.

Truck Accident Laws and Liability of the Accident

There are federal laws about truck accidents. There are also state laws about it, depending on what state you live in. The claims are usually depending on the laws and factors surrounding the accident.

Another question usually asked is who is liable for a truck accident? While it is true that a car accident or a car-to-car collision is different from a truck accident, the liability is there whatever the kind of accident there is. Usually, in a trucking accident, there are a lot of parties involved. The parties involved are the ones legally responsible for the victim and other losses.

There victim’s injuries and losses are called damages. The ones responsible are usually the truck driver, the owner of the truck, trailer, or tractor, the cargo loader, the manufacturer of truck or trailer parts, and the contractor.

Handling a truck accident is more complex and complicated than a car accident. They are more complex, so you should get an expert when it comes to truck accidents. Hire a truck accident lawyer. There are usually multiple claims if many parties are surrounding the case; hence, it will be a lot of information, work, and maybe hearings. That is why it is important to get a truck accident attorney whom you are confident with to handle your case.

Another question that most parties asked when involved in a truck accident is, “is the truck driver liable in a truck accident?” The answer depends on the facts of the case. There may be instances that the driver is liable, for instance, if the accident is caused by negligent behavior, speeding, drug use, or alcohol use. If the truck accident is also caused by cargo or truck maintenance, the truck driver might be sued because checking those things is a part of his job.

Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

It has been discussed in the article how more complex a truck accident is than a car-to-car collision. Hence, if you or a loved one is involved in one, it is best that you talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC. At the Schwaba Law Firm, we are committed to making sure that victims are compensated for their injuries.

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