It’s an understatement to say that construction sites are dangerous places. There are countless ways that a bystander can get hurt near one of these places. If you’re minding your own business and not doing anything wrong, an injury you suffer could potentially fall upon the shoulders of the construction company.

Getting compensation, however, requires knowing how to pursue the circumstances of your case and who to hold responsible. That’s why you should call for help from a personal injury attorney if you’re hurt at a construction site, to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve under the law.

Getting Hurt at a Construction Site

Getting hurt at a construction site can occur in a variety of ways. If it happens because you were doing something you shouldn’t, like sneaking through somewhere you’re not supposed to be, it may be difficult to collect damages. If on the other hand, the construction company did something wrong and didn’t fulfill their responsibilities, you may be eligible to collect significant damages for your injuries.

Construction Mistakes and Liability

Construction managers and companies have a powerful responsibility, or duty of care, to protect the public from harm given the dangerous nature of what they do. If they violate this responsibility, those who are injured as a result can hold them liable for damages. The kinds of mistakes that can result in such claims include:

  • Fencing, barriers, and barricades are required for all construction sites to keep pedestrians at a safe distance. If they aren’t sufficient to do so, the company can be held responsible for accidents that result.
  • Warnings and signs must also be posted to alert passers-by of the potential dangers. Failure to do so can result in liability for the construction company.
  • Improper inspection of equipment which leads to failure and resulting harm can see the company held responsible for such incidents.
  • Improperly secured equipment and tools can result in injuries due to objects falling from heights. Keeping such equipment properly tied down is essential to avoiding responsibility for accidents.

Pursuing a Lawsuit

Whether your injury is caused by equipment malfunction, tripping, or falling objects, in order to pursue a case, you need to prove that the construction company violated its duty of care to maintain a safe environment for pedestrians and passers-by. You must also prove that this violation or breach of duty was the cause of the harm you suffered.

This also means knowing exactly who was responsible. Someone is generally in charge of safety issues for a site, and it’s important to identify who this person or people is.

Successfully getting compensated when you’re hurt at a construction site involves a great deal of knowledge and experience in pursuing such cases. That means securing the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer. At Schwaba Law Firm, we’ve tackled many such cases and we’re ready to help you as well. Read a bit more about our firm, and give us a call to discuss your case today. There’s no fee for the consult and no obligation. Let’s talk about your case and start on the road to getting justice for your injury.

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