Schwaba Law Firm is investigating and filing claims related to a widely used drug for diabetes, Metformin. Metformin causes cancer due to the wide variety of cancer causing agents within the drug. This carcinogen is known as NDMA.

NDMA has been shown to cause problems with the lungs, kidneys, and liver. The amount of NDMA in Metformin far exceeds the acceptable intake of 96 nanograms a day. The tablets are designed to treat type 2 diabetes by lowering glucose levels. The drug is being sold under the brand name: Time Cap Labs, Inc.

The company that manufactures and sells Metformin is Marksans Pharma Limited. Marksans Pharma Limited is a company headquartered out of India, specializing in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and marketing and selling them all over the globe. The company claims to have state-of-the art formulation manufacturing units, that adhere to the international standards and regulations, along with claiming to employ the latest technology used for packing purposes. They also have several subsidiaries that specialize in similar fields along with other areas in the industry.

The Schwaba Law Firm can assist claimants who have used Metformin and who have developed serious health problems from this drug and others similar to it, including kidney cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer due to this drug may have a claim.

There is no cost to you in contacting or discussing your claim with the Schwaba Law Firm. In the event you decide to retain Schwaba Law Firm as your counsel, the firm will only be paid in the event they are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf. In no event will you be asked to pay anything out-of-pocket. If you have concerns regarding intake of Metformin tablets, contact the Schwaba Law Firm at the numbers above.

For more information about Metformin and similar drugs please visit this CNN article as well as the official FDA recall: